Medical recruitment events – Careers in White

Πληροφορίες Θέσης Εργασίας

We would like to let you know that we prepared a new season of events and therefore we would like to let you know about the calendar of events, as a potential source of candidates for your vacancies.

Our upcoming medical job fairs are starting on 26th of September.

We’ll have 11 events and we would like to invite you to join the events if you are in need of healthcare personnel to fill your vacancies.

Due to the good feedback so far, these are the most suitable areas to recruit from:

Calendar: 11 events

Red Fairs – recruiting candidates that are interested only in these specific countries:

UK & Ireland Med Fair: 26 Sept. – 2 Oct.

Germany, Swiss & Austria Med Fair: 3 – 9 Oct.

France & Belgium Med Fair: 10 – 16 Oct.

Scandinavia Med Fair: 17 – 23 Oct.

Blue Fairs – recruiting candidates FROM these countries:

ROMANIA Med Fair: 24 – 30 Oct.

BULGARIA Med Fair: 31 Oct. – 6 Nov.

HUNGARY & GREECE Med Fair: 7 – 13 Nov.

CROATIA & SLOVENIA Med Fair: 14 – 20 Nov.

PORTUGAL & SPAIN Med Fair: 21 – 27 Nov.

POLAND & ITALY Med Fair: 28 – 4 Nov.

EU Med Fair: 29 NOV – 5 – 18 Dec.

Last year 320 specialist doctors, 211 resident doctors, 109 nurses and 213 other medical professionals were looking for vacant jobs and they attended our events.

We would like to recommend them again the best job opportunities and the best recruiters so I would like to invite you to join our events.

I am also attaching the complete brochure so you can see the complete details.

You can also check for updates in here: